Bankruptcy Can Stop Home Foreclosure

At the Law Office of Bernard J. Natale, Ltd., I will guide you through the process of stopping a pending foreclosure by filing a bankruptcy case. Certain criteria must be met, and I will determine whether you are eligible.

I will do everything within my power to help you stay in your home and in a manner that positions you for future financial success. I have over four decades of experience working with homeowners suffering financial difficulties. Learn more by contacting me online for a free consultation.

How Bankruptcy Can Provide Foreclosure Options

My decades of experience working with bankruptcy cases and as a bankruptcy trustee help me to develop creative resolutions for homeowners' financial troubles. In some cases, simply discharging the obligation through Chapter 7 bankruptcy may work. In other cases, filing Chapter 13 is a good option.

I will put together the legal options that best meet your situation and position you for a stable financial future. This can include:

  • Underwater mortgage — If you are in a house that is now worth much less than what you still owe, I will evaluate whether it makes sense to keep the property. It may benefit you to default on the home and just walk away. I can explain how bankruptcy can allow you to avoid a deficiency balance and truly obtain a genuine fresh start.
  • Lien stripping — In some cases, clients can strip an unsecured second mortgage on the home. I will carefully evaluate the situation and advise you on whether you are eligible for such a move and if it is in your best interest.

I have the experience to help you obtain the best possible outcome. Bankruptcy can allow you to end a hopeless situation and move on to your financial future with renewed hope. Don't delay beginning today!

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