Is Your Credit Card Debt Out Of Control?

Not being able to afford your minimum credit card payments can lead to feelings of helplessness, and the phone calls and harassment can quickly become overwhelming. You do not have to subject yourself to the stress and agony that come with not being able to pay your bills.

Credit card companies entice you with "easy terms" and teaser rates, knowing you will wind up paying exorbitant late fees and extreme interest rates. They want you to keep making minimum payments while your balance climbs ever upward. Don't do it. At the Law Office of Bernard J. Natale, Ltd., I can help you get genuine relief from this debt cycle.

I Just Can't Afford My Credit Card Payments

When people suffer financial trouble, they often resort to paying for necessary items or other bills by using a credit card. Divorce, health issues or job loss can trigger a downward financial spiral. The stress of all of that debt can leave you feeling hopeless.

Credit card companies will encourage you to keep paying, even when it is clear that minimum payments will lead to ridiculously large interest charges that are not in your best interest.

Credit Card Companies Manipulate You To Keep Paying

Most credit card agreements require you to make at least the minimum payment to stay in good standing. So, what happens when you can no longer afford to make the minimum payments on your credit cards? Your credit cards will most likely lower your limit and increase your interest rate to as much as 30 percent, making your minimum payments even more out of reach.

Eventually your credit card company will hold you in default for failure to make your minimum payments and will engage in collection activity against you. This often starts with harassing phone calls throughout the day and may end up with your credit card company taking legal action against you to recover its debt, garnishing your wages or placing liens on your property.

The bankruptcy laws were enacted to help people regain control of their finances and get a fresh start. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good option for you. At the Law Office of Bernard J. Natale, Ltd., I can explain how bankruptcy can help eliminate these debts forever.

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