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Every day, people enter the Law Office of Bernard J. Natale, Ltd., who never thought that they would need bankruptcy counseling. They come to me unnerved and anxious about the future. They leave my office with hope and confidence that they will achieve a secure financial future.

I have the veteran skills and experience that can guide even the most discouraging situation to a more secure financial footing. You can come to me for assistance with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapters 11 and 12. I am highly regarded by peers and former clients. I am committed to helping clients throughout northern Illinois find the fresh start that they need. Get a free consultation today.

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Providing Skilled Bankruptcy Law Services

I educate each individual, giving them information they need, specific to their unique situation, to make the decisions that will determine what their financial future will look like. I will help to make a road map that will get them from where they are to more stable financial ground. I utilize options, alternatives and possible workaround solutions that are tailored to each situation, whether clients are facing foreclosure, struggling with student loans or being harassed by creditors.

In addition, I provide litigation of contested bankruptcy matters. Few firms are able to handle these highly contested matters, but I have the experience and skill to fight for your interests.

My practice continues to grow by referrals from other attorneys and clients. I routinely take referrals from other lawyers and firms. I am trusted by peers for my skill, experience and understanding.

With extensive experience gained during my time 24 years in the United States Air Force and the Air Force Reserve, I can provide you services in federal procurement, federal ethics and conflict of interest matters, False Claims Act (Qui Tam) cases, and federal procurement fraud cases. My unique background, coupled with personalized services, makes my firm a smart choice for businesses in federal government procurement. Your business benefits from my insight into the government as well as the attentiveness of working with a small firm.


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Many people spend significant amounts of time and money avoiding bankruptcy, when it may actually be their best opportunity for financial relief. Find out if it’s right for you.

I am not a bankruptcy mill just pushing bankruptcies through, blind to potential future complications and costly consequences that could arise for the client. I am committed, rather, to building a meaningful attorney-client relationship. My clients are not just files, but people.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your financial situation and the options available to you, please contact me online today or call 815-306-4189.